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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have a lot of debt?

No Problem. If you have been making at least the minimum payments and still feel like you are getting nowhere don't worry, we can give you the answer. Ask us, "What will a program of your own do if you used only your minimum payments?" or ask "what would your results be if you only used half of any extra payments your currently making. You need to find out what the half of the extra payments you're making can do with a program of your own.


How often do I log in to the system?

It's best to log in at least once a month when you pay your bills. You may find yourself logging in often to see how you are staying on track. You may also log in to see how making a purchase or changing your budget will affect your overall finances. The information we learn from the system is priceless. It's like having your own electronic, financial planner beside you each step of the way, showing you how any change in your financial picture affects the rest of your future debt and the repayment of your debt, both in dollars and in time.


Will the program take all my money? - I'll never have money to spend

No, it will not take all your money. You feel strapped right now because you do not know when or if you will ever be out of debt. You don't know when, how much and to where is your next best step to get out of debt. Once you're in your program you'll see your money working for you not the bank. You'll become more comfortable to take that long deserved vacation or find it easier to budget in that big purchase you never felt was possible for your family. Doing all of this while keeping sight of your early debt payoff. When you use your program you will:



You will STOP living check to check, you establish a cushion

"You decide how large" in your current checking and/or savings account.



You will know today and three months in advance when, how much and where is your next step to get out of debt.




  • You will always see the exact date, month and year, and time left to when you are debt free


  • The total amount of savings you can achieve


  • As well as how much each step you have made has saved you


  • How fast you can save thousands and thousands of dollars once you are out of debt.


Do you have access to my funds?

No. You have complete control of your funds. We track your money coming in and out of your current account. Our system then shows you exactly when and how much to move from account to account for the fastest possible payoff, all while paying the least amount of interest.


What if I have been paying on my mortgage for a while now?

Regardless of how far along you are into your current debt, we will show you your current and future progress as well as what your personal system will do.


Have my lenders heard of the TERM REDUCER®?

Your personal bank may not have heard of the TERM REDUCER®, however, some of the largest banks in America, like Bank of America and US Bank, have requested to be the "preferred" lenders for clients opening a line of credit for this program.


Can I add future debt?

Yes. When you talk with anyone of our support staff ask, "How can you add debt or income at any time, now or in the future?" Your program updates itself every time you add or take away your debt and income. Once you have added income or debt, you'll always know what to do as your program adjust and updates showing you your next step to get out of debt.


How do I know the payoff is accurate?

The Payoff date we give you as well as every other customer on the system is warranted. The Program requires your approval of your current income, your debt, and your monthly living expenses. In the event that customer's debts are not paid off by the Payoff Date and the customer has followed all prompts and money transfers as directed by the Program, a refund of the purchase price of the Program excluding any finance charges that have been paid will be made.


Can I stop and restart the program at anytime?

Yes. Your TERM REDUCER® system is able to be started and stopped at anytime. It is yours to use at anytime.


Do I have to refinance?

No refinancing! Your system is custom built! Your personal banking is already in place. You don't have to open any new accounts or take out any special loans. Think how much refinancing would cost. It not only costs several thousand dollars, but refinancing only saves you a few hundred dollars a month. Generally a refinance will send you into deeper debt by making you start a new 30-year term. Some people refinance every 5-6 years, getting themselves nowhere. Once you have the TERM REDUCER® system, you will be saving thousands in interest and YEARS off your mortgage, regardless of if you refinance or not. You are able to use your system not only on this mortgage but on any mortgage or any debt you may encounter for the rest of your life. The TERM REDUCER® system is in your best interest, not the banks.

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